McCleskey Middle School Bands

Welcome to the 6th grade band page.
​Here are some dates, links, and downloads you may find useful.



Reference Recordings and Virtual Study Guides:

Lion Sleeps Tonight

Over the Rainbow

Blue Note Rock

Lion Sleeps Tonight (study guide)

Over the Rainbow (study guide)

Blue Note Rock (study guide)

Sound Innovations #122 (study guide)

On-line Band Book:

Sound Innovations On-line Codes:

Flute: 34527

Oboe: 34528

Bassoon: 34529

Clarinet: 34530

Alto Saxophone: 34533

Tenor Saxophone: 34534

Trumpet: 34536

French Horn: 34537

Trombone: 34538

Baritone: 34539

Tuba: 34541

Percussion: 34545

Helpful Links:

Stars Sight Reading Guide

Home Practice Plan

Woodwind Reed/Mouthpiece Cleaning Video

Flute Headjoint Cleaning Video

​Brass Mouthpiece Cleaning Video

Sheet Music Sections

Non-playing Assignments:Due April 3

Planning a Concert Program Assignment

Sample Concert Program

- 2019-20 Band Handbook

- Data Sheet (last page of Handbook)

- Year at a glance calendar

​- 6th Grade Supply List

- 6th Grade Carnival Permission Form


April 24 - 6th Grade McFestival (5:00PM @ McCleskey)

​​Other Important Dates:​​

January 21 - Candle fundraiser begins

Please note that we take very special care in helping match each student to an instrument. Considerations include size of the student, muscle development around the embouchure (mouth area), and balancing the size of each section so that the students sound great in each performance.
Please consult the band directors if you have questions.