McCleskey Middle School Bands

Attention 7th Grade Symphonic Band students:

Visit the "7th Grade" page to complete your winter break self/group evaluations based on our 2/17/17 class recordings. You can also find in this location additional copies of the LGPE judging sheets being used for the assessments. 

Please note that official times for 7th and 8th Grade LGPE:

7th Grade Symphonic Band - 6:30pm (McEachern HS)

8th Grade Symphonic Band - 4:25pm (McEachern HS)






 ​A note from your directors

          We would like to welcome all McCleskey band students back for the 2016-17 school year! We are looking forward to meeting all of our incoming 6th grade students, as well as continuing to build upon our achievements from last year. Parents, thank you for investing in your student’s music education. We both feel strongly that your child’s participation in our program will present them with opportunities to grow and develop in a multitude of ways. Students, thank you for your interest in playing a music instrument.Your musical journey has just begun and we cannot wait to share with you all of the wonderful things that music has to offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We will be communicating with you often throughout the school year so that we can work together to insure that all who participate feel valued and successful. Let's have an awesome school year!

Mr. Miller and Mr. Paller




Reasons to Join Band!

Welcome to the McCleskey Band web page. If you are a McCleskey band member or band parent, please bookmark this page and visit it frequently.



Upcoming Important Dates: 

January 27 - Candle Fundraiser Begins

February 13 - Candle Fundraiser money DUE

March 1 - 7th/8th Bands Pre-LGPE Concert

​March 22 - 7th Grade Symphonic Band LGPE (McEachern HS @ 6:30pm)

​March 23 - 8th Grade Symphonic Band LGPE (McEachern HS @ 4:25pm)