Welcome to the McCleskey Band web page. If you are a McCleskey band member or band parent, please bookmark this page and visit it frequently. Below you will find online versions of any forms handed out in class.  



Upcoming Important Dates:

April 23 - Dollywood rehearsal after school (McCleskey)

April 23 - Dollywood parent meeting (McCleskey)

April 25 - Night of Jazz (Kell)

April 26 - 6th Grade Band Spring Concert (McCleskey)

April 30 - Chamber Ensemble Concert (McCleskey)

May 1 - 8th Grade Bands Spring Concert (Kell)

May 3 - 7th Grade Bands Spring Concert (McCleskey)

May 4 - Night of Percussion (Kell)

May 9-10 - Dollywood Music Festival Trip (Pigeon Forge, TN)

6th Grade McFestival Letter/Schedule

7th Grade McFestival Letter/Schedule

Kell Night of Jazz Letter/Schedule

Congratulations to the McCleskey 7th and 8th Grade Symphonic Bands on earning over all SUPERIOR ratings at LGPE this year! 





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